Billet Lamborghini V10 Engine Block


Dallas Performance Billet Lamborghini V10 Engine Block. Machined from a solid Aluminum forging - starting weight: 505lbs. Final block weight is 88lbs (without girdle).

Billet engine block only. Rotating assembly and accessories available separately.

* Block designed for high horsepower / high durability
* Upgraded / modified oiling system
* Sleeved with ductile iron sleeves
* Bored and honed to your final bore diameter
* Finished main tunnel
* Fully water cooled block
* Retains all OEM accessories

Sleeving and water cooling purposefully not shown in pictures for internet use. This engine block has been tested beyond 2000hp with better than OEM cooling and is ready for customer use.

Please inquire for current inventory or build time.
Dealer pricing available.