DP-D6X 347-383 CID Blower Camshaft

Image of DP-D6X 347-383 CID Blower Camshaft


Dallas Performance Custom Grind DP-6X Blower Cam. Designed for 347-383+ CID Forced Induction applications. This is our most popular cam for LS1/LS2/LS3/LSA Applications. Excellent driveability and equally nice lope at idle. There is no mistaking a cam is in the car with this, but it's not to radical to where it shakes the car apart. You also can run this cam with a stock torque converter and it will not surge on you while idling through a parking lot or while cruising down the highway.

**Optional Cam and Valve Spring kit Includes: hydraulic roller camshaft, high quality dual valve springs with new valve seals, seats, locks and retainers.